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At a recent pork barbecue fund raiser at the Bada-Bing club for the Democratic Party, an open mic caught this short conversation between "Bubba", and J.Carville.

"Hey Bubba, look at that cute red head over there!"

"Yeah, Jimmy, he does have a cute butt, but let's get back to that 16 yr. old who murdered 4 pedestrians with his car, and got off slicker than a Clinton!"

"Yep, he sure did the right thing by using his Daddy's money to buy justice.....kinda like we used to do Bubba, and you know what, I think he has a great future in our party's cause. He just needs to add a few more dead bodies to his record and he could work with Hiplery in her Presidential bid."

"Well J.C., he might be getting good, but he has a way to go to catch us in the dead body count, especially since Hiplery took credit for the Bengazi massacre, and she tallied 4 more on her list. She really slipped that one in on me. I didn't see it coming. Clever little devil, isn't she."

" You betcha Bubby, we taught her well, and I only hope her girlfriend can keep her husbands mouth shut 'til we take over the White House, and then we can.......Hey is this mic on??? Who the He## left this mic on? You stupid sons-of-bi###es, do I have to do everything myself. Somebody get his name, and he'll be added to our list!"

"Gee Jimmy, we could catch Hiplery after all! I'll see you in the hot tub later."
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