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Once Again an Excellent Trapshooters Transaction

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Not long ago JLYON posted Remington 4100 traps for sale.

I would have liked to purchase all but the logistics of such a transaction from 800 miles away was not to be.

However James @ was agreeable to part out the traps.

I sent Jim a listing of desired parts, and he replied with a price and the hint that he would throw in a few extras.

An understatement, the parts, and quality of same, were worth at the minimum four times the agreed price.

My 1984 4100, and my group of 20 neophyte trap shooters, are very happy.

Once again the Trapshooters community shows its' true colors.

I recomend Jim, aka jlyon, as 100% tops, have full confidence in any dealings you may have with him that you will come out the winner.

Jim, Thanks again, it was a real pleasure.

Bill Boston
Southport NC