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Olympic Pairs shooting

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This is a dup post from AustralianAmatur below :rolleyes: … apologies. I did not see

from Russell Mark of the Australian “Go Shooting” Facebook shotgun channel thank you Russell

Mixed pairs: The rules are simple;

Each competitor of the team shoots at three rounds of 25 targets (double barrel) the scores are added together and the top two teams go into the Gold/Silver Medal final and the third and fourth placed teams from qualifying will shoot for the Bronze Medal. The Finals consist of each competitor shooting are a further 25 targets but this time single barrel barrel only. Qualification scores do not carry over into the final. Teams shoot in the same squad, male first followed by the female.

As a guide a score of around 145 to 147 would generally be needed to make the medal rounds.

Aussies Teash Scanlan of Go Shooting and partner James Willett are the reigning World Champions in this event
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