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Old coin box range problem

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One of our coin boxes will let you shoot all far for one coin
I was told it needs a new mother board
Been waiting on club manager to get another
Never worked on one been waiting over 3 months. Both of free shooting. One of the club members have me two of the boards today.
Hoping this solves the problems.
Will install it tomorrow if I have time.Steve
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Id email the company that made the board and see if they have any left or will they take board and check it out. Info is on that board you show on line.
Out of business.
I have two from a old time member. I went out to install it and worked a couple hours getting the coin slot working. Bummer .
Replaced wires . .
When they replaced the skeet they could have put our trap houses on this modern system. I was told the board . Didn't want to spend the money. Trap.wasn't making any money.
So when I have these going l will find out the cost and pay for it myself.
I just ordered 6 more of the BRB system(6 week lead time). I bought 2 more from Edwards when that club went bust.
I have to get rid of all this old crap and have it ready for ATA shoots next year.
Doing it by myself is great for a retired guy like me. Lol

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Now working on wiring . Found that when I was stripping wire it was black under the cover. Had to go back a foot to find copper color. Still not good enough. The plug at the box was green inside. Cleaned and tested ok for now. Pulling wire may be next.
The next box has bad wires. It was wired with a trailer hitch plug. Hope to have time to work on it today.
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