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Ohio State Shoot

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From another thread, same subject:

The program is still being developed, but we are basically doing the same as last year...

Monday, June 17 will be SCTP day with a "Fun Day" Program still in the making.

Tuesday, June 18: 100 Singles, 100 Handicap, 200 Doubles

Wednesday, June 19: 100 Doubles, 100 Handicap, 100 Singles (singles & handicap might be the other way around...can't remember--but I think Handicap comes first so we can determine who will be in a special shoot-off)

Thursday, June 20: 100 Handicap, 100 Singles, 100 Handicap

Friday, June 21: 100 Hanciap, 100 Doubles

Saturday, June 22: 200 Singles

Sunday, June 23: 100 Handicap, 100 Doubles

Sara Dean

OSTA Vice-President