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Offset Rib for partially blind eye issues

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I am partially blind in my right eye (left side of eye) and cannot get on the gun and see the bead. My peripheral vision in my right eye is good though. AL Pulec of Hastings NE made me a single bead sight that attached to the rib and I did OK with it but needed more area to lead my eye to the target. After talking to AL we decided that a rib might be a good thing and he went to building me one for my DT-10. I took measurements from the original bead side sight and installed the rib side sight at the same measurements. WOW did the rib make a difference!! I also found out that I am cross sighting and added a Magic Dot to my right lens of the glasses. Thanks A.L Pulec of Select Machine in Hastings NE. If you need something like this give AL a call 402-469-8881 or message me on Trapshooters Forum. Hope you like the photos of RIB Side Sight.
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