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My wife and I know a young man who is a Ranger recently deployed as part of the 'surge' and is now in Sadr City. I thought I'd share a recent letter he wrote to all of us here who are praying for him and all our soldiers over there. He's XO of his Company and they've been in country 2 months. They spend their days on patrol, looking for bad guys. I have redacted certain sections merely for his privacy. Certainly gives some insights into what it's like there.


To the Prayer Warriors, 31 March 2007

Here is another letter to inform you of the latest events of my life in XX Company, XXXX. This will be a shorter note due to the fact that I just wrote one a week ago.

On one of the patrols I went on last week we checked out a potential new site for the company to move into in the near future. It is a huge abandoned Spaghetti Factory. We searched it like you may see it in the movies or in the news - four man stacks clear room from room, hallway to stairs, until the entire compound was secure. Once secured, the Commander and I walked around the premises to determine what we would need to fortify it and make it livable. (I returned with two pages of notes!) During our walk we found a large room with white flour covering everything, sacks of flour still stacked in the corner as if it was still operational. The largest room we searched we found the actual spaghetti making machines with spaghetti in it. Pretty cool! When the factory shut down, perhaps 3-5 years ago the workers must have dropped everything and fled. Anyhow, the most interesting “find” was a man down in one of the cellars. He was just lying there, very peaceful, not moving or anything. Perhaps it was because he had no head, his head was next to him. Yeah, it stunk so we left him were he was. So, our trip to the Spaghetti Factory was a bit out of the ordinary than anticipated.

The area is still pretty peaceful, which is great. Pray that it continues to be that way, no rounds shot! We are still conducting patrols on a regular basis, walking down their sewage aisles (roads I guess), talking to people, and trying to pick up leads on any bad or corrupt people in the area. I anticipate that this year will be something similar to what we are doing now.

The morale is still pretty good. Thanks again for your prayers and support for all of the men in XX-CO. Many of you have sent care packages, which I am able then to turn and share with the platoons. So thank you. I hope everyone is doing well and reading the Scriptures. Read it for it is the Light for our lives. Stay safe and NEVER EVER take your spouse for granted, or family. It doesn’t matter if you have been married 2 years or 35 years, they are a gift to you from God.
Thanks again. Steve
PS It is definitely starting to get WARMER here. In the summer it is supposed to get into the 120/130s. Yikes.


Words of wisdom from a 24 year old Army Ranger. Praise God, I love these guys.

Gene Batchelar
Wheaton, IL
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