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*O/T 8 Year Old English Pointer O/T*

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I took Jake dog in from a guy that turned down cash in hand because he just wanted to find this dog a good home with someone that would treat him right and hunt him.
At the time my intensions were to take a few trips and do some bird hunting with this dog. I also have 5 beagle dogs and now realize that I cannot do justice for my 5 beagles and Jake dog at the same time.
Jake is an 8 Year Old English Pointer that has hunted all over the North, Northwest and mid-west. He has a high-spirited drive to hunt and is healthy. He is gentle around kids, as I have had him around my 4-year-old granddaughter with no worries. I am asking only $250 for Jake to cover my Vet, Kennel and food cost. I think Jake has at least 3 or 4 good years of hunting left in him.
I am in Eastern Ky. and would be willing to meet someone within a reasonable drive. If interested contact me at the following e-mail address.
Thanks, James REMOVE THE X's [email protected]