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What ever happened to the expression not on my watch. Honestly, my wife voted for Obozo in 2008, with the misguided belief that he could bring our country together.

She did not in 2012- he is the great divider- having lived thru the 50's and 60's and era of racial turmoil, this is the worst our country has ever been.

I went to Brooklyn Tech a premier special HS in NYC. I graduated in 59- there were only 2 blacks in the school & 1 of them was my class press. (Bill Davis)- my class was the first million$ class-we won that amount of scholarships.

What has changed , Democrats social engineering destroyed the Black family & middle class neighborhoods.

Almost everyone from old neighborhood moved , when school busing came to NYC-we moved to the suburbs and our wealth left the city, and in retirement our wealth left the socialist states.

Its a shame Kings Highway in Bklyn used to sparkle with really nice stores & cruising , yes cruising in your car @ night was great.

The demise of our country happened on the Democratic watch and Obozo slammed the door shut.

Phil Berkowitz
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