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Norm Volponi 400 Handicap Championship 4/27 & 4/28

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Norm Valponi, one of the good guys, that did the pre-squad for most of the golden west grands, old las vegas gun clubs. Norm was a one man computer. Wish I could attend Norms auction. Glad he's feeling better. Tell Norm hello from roger lorenzen
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I've known Norm since 1969 or 1970. Neither one of us can remember anymore.
I saw and talked to him last Monday. He was outside trimming his roses.
Here is the link for the shoot.

Just got posted on the CGSTA site today.

Mike C. Groveland, CA
So where are all the CA shooters?
This should be a fun event.
How old is Norm?? I met him at Bob Taylors Super Shoot years ago and then he tried to help me with payoff. He was good to me and helped me all he could. I would guess he's got a little age on him.
Norm Volponi One of great guy`s in trap shooting, i first meet Norm in about 1987 i was a new shooter that new very little about the game Norm was a great guy to help me out. I shot on Norm`s squad in Kingsburg a few times, i really like shooting with Norm and Russ because they were the only guy`s shorter than me. I want to say hi to Norm and thanks to a great friend. Jerry Routh
Norm is one of the great characters and true gentlemen of the game, always such a pleasure to see him at the window with his lovely wife and great son at his side. Steve
Ditto all fine remarks of Norm and the Livermore club. Many fond memories were raised by this message.....breakemall
I always enjoyed the shoot more when I saw Norm and Jane along with Don and Shirley Bauman in the office. Norm always remembered your name. He may have cheated by looking at your entry card, but he would call you by your nickname which was not always the one on your cards.

My fondest memories of Norm were the Hearts games and the Trivial Pursuit matches! One afternoon, at Martinez Gun Club, Norm and I along with Bob Mastrelli and Bob Gilbertson were playing Hearts. We were playing for a quarter a point and I was up about 25 bucks. One of them suggested that we play the last hand for a buck a point. I figured the worst I could do was break even so OK! Norm was sitting across from me and sent me a shooter. The jack of diamonds was the only stopper out there and Bob Mastrelli sluffed it. Norm realized what was going on early and started to sink in his chair. When the last trick was played, Norm scurried back to the office while the two Bobs were saying some unkind words. I sat there stunned, as Norm was one of the best Hearts players I knew and the other two were no slouches either. Over 30 years of Trapshooting behind me and that memory is fonder than my first 100 and probably only surpassed by making the 27.
I will always consider Norm a friend and look forward to seeing him again

Prescott Gene (transplanted to Dublin)
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Norm at the California State Shoot, June 2012. Rare "catch" shot of Norm not in the office working on squadding sheets!
FUNNY STORY Stockton gun club Norm was doing the Calcutta next shooter was my long time big buddy Big Jim Elam Norm said we will sale this great shooter by the pound,if my memory is correct Big Jim took second place money.Jerry Routh
TTT for Norm, One of the nicest guys in the trapshooting circle. Dave Bishop
Here is a true story of Norm that show's his sense of humor.
To preface it, I've called him Normey and he call's me Mikey, for longer then I can remember.
Anyway back in the early 90's there was a ATA Shoot at Stockton Trap & Skeet. I rode over with Ken Yamaguchi, his 2 boys, and Gary Akizuchi. When we arrived we met up with a man and wife from Sunnyvale R & G whom were also of Japanese decent. Can't remember their name's anymore so I'll call them the Hamatani's. We all squaded together and I was on station 5. This was a large shoot so as was normal Normey would always call out the squad number, the trap number, and who was on station. Here is what he announced. "On Trap 5 is Ken Yamaguchi, Gary Akizuchi, Hamatani 1, Hamatani 2, and lastly their token white guy, Mikey Cunningham". Well needless to say, we were all laughing so hard it took us awhile to get ready to shoot. Behind us a large group had gathered and most had tears in their eye's from laughing so hard. Now who else but Normey could get away with saying something like that.
For a long time after that shoot people would come up to me and ask if I was shooting with the Japanese Team.
Norm and I live real close to each other here in Groveland and the story still makes us laugh.
Mike C.
Groveland, CA
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Mike C.: Call that squad, next time, "Team Kemuri" which, roughly translated, means "smoke" in Japanese. That'll confuse 'em. Tell Norm that "Kemuri" is an Italian word from around Breschia used by gunmakers. That'll confuse him!
Hey Chango2,
Will do. Any confusion we can enter into the equation is a good thing.
I'll try and find a photo of David on his stilts.
Mikey C.
bb63, you are spot on. That's who it was.
Haven't seen them in years. Are they still shooting Trap?
Mikey C.
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