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?? Nitro27man or other Remington History folks

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Hello Scott, and others !

I recently purchased a Bullet Art work at Auction and from all I can find out, a Remington Exhibition shooter by the name of Wilbur Cox had shot it.

I have some pictures of his shootings, and from what I was told, you could tell his art from others by the rounded feather ends and the large ear circle.

My question is, do any of you know for sure if my findings are correct ?

FYI, The one I bought is not the one in his picture.

Thanks in advance !


The art work I purchased.
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I don't know if Wilber Cox made your Indian head or one of the other Remington pro's.
I have a vintage video of Bill Atkins shooting the outline drawn on cardboard and the metal was behind the paper.
Using his 22 without a rest he perfectly shot the head & feathers and finished by shooting several shots through the same hole to make the piercing eye.
Wilber was pitching small objects into the air shooting them with his rifle.

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Thanks guys !

Any pictures or information is always welcomed.

This one I found at Auction came from the Wyoming area, but unfortunately it was not signed.

I found Beagle's, Fry's, Atkins and Cox to name a few, and two separate pictures of the Cox artwork show the feathers with the rounded ends like mine.

The top picture I posted is the closest to the one I have. My wife and I both thought it was the one in the picture until we got it at our house and SHE began counting holes. LOL

The Topperewien Chiefs seem to have brought the most money at auctions, but all the others have been going for a good penny if they are signed.

We have become addicted to the history of shotgun shooting, and love to see and hear anything you folks have to offer in pictures, stories, etc.

Thanks again !
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