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Nice used Marshall Field shooting coat

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very cool!
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I don't think I know of any trapshooters that are a forty-two long!
I'm a 43 long. Is that close enough ! <:)

Honestly, if I did more shooting in cool / cold weather, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. I'm too old to shoot when I have to wear a coat.

Gene in Illinois
Close enough. I think it looks more like a sports jacket. What say you rorystadt?
I think I saw that coat in the Men's store in Marshall Fields on Washington St. in downtown Chicago in 1972. I ought to buy it just for the nostalgia. I'm going try on a 42 Long coat today to see if it fits. I think I'm a 43 or 44 long right now.
Who's your father? If he was a trapshooter (or skeet shooter) back then I probably know him
how tall was the person who wore it? im 6'2" with long arms.
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