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I like to shoot side by sides but went and purchased a new Winchester 101 sporter a couple of days ago, if I had known they shoot as good as this one does I would not have purchased the CZ Sporter a month ago (at a grand more than Win) that had bad barrel regulation and was sent back, tested on pattern board only, should get it back in January according to CZ.
Anyway, to me the 101 is a great gun for the money, fits good, mild shooting for a 7 1/2 lb gun, good chokes, wood is cheap looking but it's for shooting not hanging on the wall, got a chance to shoot it today, pattern test gave me 70/30 both barrels at 35 yds with an almost perfect pattern overlap, was only able to shoot 50 targets as other work got in the way, result was a 50 straight, I love this thing, side by side may go on the wall now.
I don't see much talk about the new 101, it's a shame as this thing is a clay target seeking, mild mannered beast.
Why is this gun so under rated.
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