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New to Reloading Question with 9000G Wad Guide

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Last night was my first reloading experience and I have my first question/concern.

I’m using a MEC 9000GN.

I’m using STS hulls with Down Range TGT12, 1 oz wad.

The problem occurs on the down stoke on station 3. The base of the wad doesn’t slide inside the hull very well at all. The first few shells were completely destroyed because the wad just wouldn’t align properly on the inside wall of the hull. I continued on, but had to physically push the wad through the wad guide and “get it started” inside the hull.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an adjustment on the resizer to open the face of the hull more?

Thanks in advance!
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Are you sure you have set the wad guide in the proper position when at downstroke? I'd make sure first that the wad guide is positioned correctly and that the fingers are inside the hull when at downstroke.
You could try holding the wad against the rammer tube. The wad might be getting cocked and not going in straight. Or the the wad guide is not lining up with hull causing the wad to hit/catch the top of the hull.
Mike Ryan
The guide wears out before it is obvious. I was having a similar problem and checked the wad guide twice and it seemed perfect. I replaced it anyway and it fixed the problem. If your machine is new, just check the adjustment. If that fails, call MEC. They are great
Are fingers in the wad guide dropping into the hull to guide the wad to slide in? If this is okay, try raising the wadguide about 1/8".

Never used TGT12 wads, but have run into a few brands that would not enter the hull "without a fight". The combination of a new hull, wad fingers and a slightly fat wad diameter can be a real headache for a 9000. Good luck.

Bob Falfa
Always give MEC a call. They can help you in a very short time.
I questioned Mec on a tube that would open the mouth better on the hulls. They do not have anything. Whiz has an over sized punch station for the PW presses that worked really well, and was hoping Mec would also.

It could be a combination of alignment and mouth not open fully. I bought a tool called spin doctor I believe. It is just a conical shaped tool that you can use to open the mouth of the hull quickly before sticking it in station 1 to push out the primer and resize. It solved the problem with the wad hanging on the mouth of the shell for me 99.9% of the time.
I had that problem with STS's. I bought a shell conditioner from Ballistic Products that solve the problem. It is extra work but the wad don't hang up on the edged of the Remington hulls. I don't have any trouble with any other hull.

Here is what I did.I put a washer on top of deprime punch to lower it. If you look the punch has a bigger diameter a little way up. You may need to shorten the bottom of the punch for clearance. First try to center the preprimer by looseninf the clamp slightly and set it properly when at the bottom of the stroke as it may be the simplle answer.


I had the same problem with my new machine last year.

Sometimes to get a little extra life on my wad guides when they begin to wear out I put some armor all on my finger tip and rub it around the inside of the wad guide. This stops the snap when the wad goes thru. Its only a temp. situation but will get you by till you get new guides.
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