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Good info, I recently loaded some Nitro hulls with 17.3 grains of Titegroup, DRRT-12 wads, and 1.125 ounces of 7.5 shot. Half had Fed 209A primers and the other half Cheddites. The load was based on loads in the lab tested loads thread with 17.6 grains of Titegroup.

Figured I’d start conservative, worried that heavy powder drops might result in excessive pressures. Your test load helps alleviate my fears. I shot the recently loaded shells today and the Cheddite loads burned slightly dirty, so I felt like those actually needed a bit more pressure (I knew those loads wouldn’t be as hot as the ones with Fed 209As). I’m going to bump my powder up to at least 17.6 on the next batch and see what I think. I wish I could find more Fed 209A primers because I’m running low and I have a gun that likes to pierce Cheddites.
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