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new pup

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Picking up my new springer pup today... Can't wait to get working with him.

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Cool- if you were here in Iowa he would be a snow pup

Regards from Iowa

If you're going to hunt him/her, find a local field trial training group. We now have two springers and you don't need to field trial to train. Our group has provided invaluable advice and assistance.

you bet I'm gonna hunt with him.. I've got a coop full of racing pigeons and ten acres of fields behind the house.
looking forward to spring!

We lost two dogs back to back to cancer.. I really look forward to today
Good for you, best buddy I ever had and I miss him so bad.

Gentle soul and never screwed up never once right to the end of his 14yrs.

Pics please when you can.
Have a great time working and learning with your new hunting buddy!
A new puppy is one of the true treasures in life
Sorry about the crappy photo but here's my new pal.. Thank you John Hunter!

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I wish you many many days of happy hunting and companionship.
I love bird dogs ( I have five) and a German Shepherd, that's a sweetheart unless you try to come in my yard.

Now if that face don't melt you, your heart is cold. Nice doggy!
Made me bust out crying, looks so much like the guy I had to put down just over a week ago. He made 14yrs.

He is a real beauty, love that boy it will be returned umpty 1000 times.
I sent Mr. Hamm a deposit and cant wait to pickup my new puppy. Lost ours about 5 years ago an just now replacing him.

Thats a good looking pup!

springers are such good dogs! good luck to you. Bill
Looks like the new pal has already taken possesion of the couch ... I think you both got a good deal!

Will you guys just look at the size of those feet and the innocent look? It don't get any better than that!!!

Very impressed with Otis so far... The breeder John Hunter hunts all kinds waterfowl and upland birds with his springers and they do a fine job raising them.
They don't have a big kennel just a loving family that's very passionate about their dogs and the outdoors.
I couldn't be happier right now!

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Hey Tom, beautiful little guy! If you want a place to run Otis, bring him down! I didn't know you raced pigeons. There is another guy near Sackets gun club that brings his here to release for short warm up flights. Feel free to do the same.
Thanks Bob!!..
I was into racing pigeons before I became addicted to shotguns and clay targets.

See you next weekend!
Handsome pup! Had my springer put down at 14, he lost control of his rear legs, broke my heart. Looks like the bonding is going well; he'll have you trained in no time. Thanks for bringing back memories. Enjoy your new hunting partner!
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