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NEWS FLASH.............

Word has just reached my desk that our Idiot-in-Charge has hired the man who was signing the spoken words at the Mandela celebration.

It seems this man is a complete fraud, knows no sign language, and not only fooled 60-70,000 in attendance, but millions watching on national TV coverage.

Odumba$$ was heard to say " That's good enough for me, he's hired!. He is not as good as Rahm, or Harry, but he has Biden fooled!"

He will be working closely with Jay Carney to advise the American public of all the inner-workings of this administration, and since no one can make heads or tails of his signals, he is a perfect fit.

His salary will be the same as Carney's of $172,200.00.

(Well, part of this is true!)
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