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New barrels that Krieghoff just introduced. Looks to be same weight/length of the new barrels that Kolar just introduced as well. Rib might be a hair higher though. Good to see more choices out there for shooters.

New K-80 barrel set available!
81 cm (32") 'Parcours-X' barrel set.

The New 81cm (32") 'Parcours-X' barrel set weighing approximately 1,550 g and gives shooters a weight option which lies between the K-80 Parcours and Sporting barrels and provides a more steady movement, familiar with the well known K-80 Sporting. The conical shaped rib tapers from 10mm to 8mm with a flat surface minus the center groove.

The K-80 Parcours-X barrel is delivered with the newly introduced Krieghoff flush mount thin-walled interchangeable choke tubes and a speed key.


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