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New Downrange vs Claybuster (pic)

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Which of the 2 wads is a closer duplicate of the genuine WAA12-SL?

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The wad on the left appears to be a new style WAA12SL (AA-pink) or its buster clone. They are considerably longer than the original from Wincheater, and have a reduced powder cup to mate up with the current Winchester HS hulls, as is evidenced in the photo. Nice photo by the way.

The wad on the right is a Downrange DRA-12-Pink. It is, as was the original from Wincheater, a little shorter in length, and has a larger overpowder cup.

Some folks may note here that it is almost exactly like a green duster, almost.

For all of us who reload, the Downrange DRA-12-Pink is of the correct dimension for reloading with the popular commercially available powders. If you are in the factory at Winchestr you would use the newer long style WAA12SL because of the low density powders used in current AA production in HS hulls, and which is not available to consumers.

The longer wads require a little wad pressure to pre-load and seat them. The DRA-12_pink requires no wad pressure and wont exhibit the tendency to pop open crimps in while in storage.
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