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New Cabelas.....Busy

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The new Cabelas at Polaris (two exits South from the Cardinal) has been packed since the Grand opening.

Finally was able to get into the parking lot yesterday.

Lots of people buying, especially clothing.

Ammo was wiped out unless you wanted some Rifle, such as 30-06, 25-06, 270 etc.

Didn't see any handgun, just a lot of bare shelves. Shotgun ammo way overpriced.

A few decent used long guns, most overpriced as well.

The prices didn't seem to matter as people were carrying out lots of stuff.

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Sounds about right for most any Cabelas in the country.
A couple of my buddies went down last week. We are about an hour North. It seemed to them that every city slicker that had never seen a gun or box of ammo was there to check it out. Same report from them, little to no ammo & over priced guns. I'll wait until things calm down to check it out.
Doug Allison
Went into Cabela's today. WOW! Sticker shock! Anything, and everything having to do with guns and ammo, or within 50 feet of it was mind boggling. Paid $11.99 for an emergency bag of 500 TGT-12 clone Claybuster wads. They were $9.99 last fall. Winchester AA's, $9.99/box. I ran while I could still see with both eyes, and all limbs.
A new cabelas opens tomorrow in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
On a selfish note, I am glad Florida does not have one because I save at least 7% on all sales and if I work it right no shipping either.

The reason they are so busy is because they are good at marketing and promotion, they put BASS PRO to shame, they are not even close.
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