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This is a slightly used (8 or 9/10 for sure) Negrini that my father bought new from Joel Etchen Guns.
It is a 1657LXX/5346. I believe the extra "X" on the nomenclature refers to Joel's custom embroidery in side the lid. Negrini refers to this model as the OU Deluxe High Rip Trap/Sporting Shotgun Case. This is for a single barrel, NOT A COMBO.

Link to the site:
Negrini O/U High Rib Trap Shotgun Case - 1657LX/5164

Used maybe 4 or 5 times locally, no air travel, with a 35" Silver Seitz with a #3 rib.
These are $439 as we speak on the Negrini site, and I think Joel charges $399 to buy one outright.

$325 SHIPPED CONUS (PayPal is fine, but be ready for the fees!)

I will ship UPS or FEDEX ground (typically UPS wins out) in the original Negrini cardboard box.
Relatively new to, but no shortage of positive feedback on EvilBay, TheHackersParadise, TalkBass, and many others.

The only TRADE I would be interested in would be toward some sort of a COMBO case to fit a Caesar Guerini Invitcus I Trap Combo. (high-rib adjustable unsingle/OU)
I have a really adverse reaction to the red case that CG provides with that gun.
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