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Need the value of a model 60 3

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It's satin stainless in great shape. Probably less than 10-12 years old had about two boxes shot thru it. Has the rubber grips that it came with, no box.

looking for what it's worth. I will be selling it. I bought it new but can't remember, getting old.

thx BILL
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Wait while I look it up in my Blue Book

Gene in Illinois
Although the Blue Book doesn't recognize it yet, the dash number (follows the model number on the frame inside the cylinder window) will make some difference to many buyers.

My Blue Book is dated 2007, but can't imagine things have changed that much, maybe up a bit.

MODEL 60 .38 SPL. CHIEFS SPECIAL - .38 S&W Spl., stainless version of Chiefs Special, 2 or 3 in. full lug barrel. Disc. 1996.

Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%

$350 $295 $250 $195 $165 $140 $120

Last MSR was $458.

Subtract $25 for 2 in. barrel.

Add 30% for early Model 60s without letter prefix and bright satin finish.
The full lug barrel option began in 1990 with limited mfg. It had been tested for +P ammo and features an adj. rear sight - 24 1/2 oz.
There were 16 engineering changes to the base model in two calibers.

Gene in Illinois
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Gene, when it comes to snub-nose S&Ws, the current buying craze has made a gun value book that is only a year old out of date. Revolvers like this one are bringing unbelievable dollars and it is one of the most sought-after S&W models, according to what I read on the S&W Forum - as long as it doesn't have MIM parts or an internal lock. The Model 60s in .357 are even worse even though full-house .357 loads are about uncontrollable in that light gun.

I bought a mint-condition Model 66-4 with a 2-1/2" barrel two years ago for $416. I watched the same gun SELL for over $1,000 just last week! Gun values are nuts right now.

Thx Ed. I'm no S&W expert. I guess Bill can ask whatever he pleases and see if someone will pay it. I was trying to help hm out a bit.
And, of course, I assume he knows the value is in the eye of the beholder. <:)

Gene in Illinois
Thx Gene and everyone. I'm not looking to rape someone not that kind
of Person just looking for some help. Start of the ssn # is BSJ39--
Left the last two off. Does that help?

Thx Bill
I been getting PM's al day???

Thx Bill
PM sent.
Mike Battista
I guess I should have said, the gun won't be back to my house until
this coming weekend. I really appreciate the comments and the offers.

I will respond when I get the gun back from my son.

Thx Bill
I'm helping liquidate a friends collection for his estate. I too have noticed that the Bluebook values don't reflect the market right now. I've been searching the COMPLETED sales on Gunbroker to come up with current values.
Exactly....completed auction prices are the most accurate ACTUAL prices.

Selling price always trumps asking price.
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