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Need some help from you S&W experts

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Need some help identifying this S&W revolver.

I think it is a "38 Hand Ejector Model of 1905" that is in 38SPL.

I believe it is the "4th Change" model. The s/n on both the inside of the crane is a 5 digit model 42XXX series, but the number on the bottom of the grip is a 6 digit number 563XXX series.

The knurled end of the ejector rod is a larger diameter than the rod itself. The front sight appears to be a target type and the rear is adjustable.

According to my information this gun would have been made between 1915 and 1942. The thing that is throwing me for a loop, is the different s/n on the bottom of the grip and the numbers on the crane and inside of the frame.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Go over to the Smith & Wesson Forum, sign in and post it under Hand Ejectors and you will get all the information you want.

If your looking to sell it they have a for sale section and you will do better there than most other sites.

And that is a beautiful revolver, if you do ever want to sell it let me know.

Jim R
Steve T

Yes, there is the same number under the barrel as on hand grip frame.

Don't know about grips have not had them off.

Blue is just about worn off on left side of barrel, and has pitting about the size of a dime. Right side of barrel about a third of bluing worn and again pitting, but much smaller area.

Three of the four side plate screws visible are marred from wrong size screwdriver and rough spot on rear of grip Stocks are VG on left side, and between fair and poor on right.

Blue wear around front sight and muzzle crown.

Must have been a duty carry.

Thanks gentlemen for your input. If I do decide to sell, will advise and give you better pics of wear areas.
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I have a few old S & W's similar to the one shown above although most of mine are nickel plated and have black hard "rubber" grips.

View attachment 196759

View attachment 196760

That would make a nice companion piece to my 1912 S&W .44 Special Triple Lock Target (top) and my 1930's .22 Outdoorsman First Model with humpback hammer.

Also have a 1935 .357 Registered Magnum, but no photo.
That is nice.

So how much did you want to sell me those guns for???. ;-)
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