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Need Registered Targets

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I am a member of ATA is there any way of shooting registered targets prior to enterning a ATA shoot, i live in the Dallas area, i moved from Calif., and most times in the days before a ATA shoot the club would allow you to come and shoot registered targets without having to enter the weekend shoot.

I was looking for something like that in TX

Any ideas,??

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I always thought that the purpose behind registered targets of record was to enable classification to determine how you shoot in competition, not what you do with a couple of buddies on a "practice" trap.

Registered used to mean a competition event, or tournament with classes and awards, etc. That was what separated it from practice targets. Now it has been reduced from a minimum of 5 shooters to only 3. Guess the next step will be to reduce it to 1. That way when you pay for your "practice" targets, you can tell the club "by the way, send in these targets as registered."
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