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Need info on Slider Trap>>>>>>

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I have googled everywhere. Can't find any particulars on Slider Trap game. I might start a League at our club but need to know whether to make it a team shoot or individual. How to handicap or is that built into the game? Might be called something else in other locals. You start at the 19...move back to the 21...etc. in two yard increments until you are on the 27. Then move over to next post and move forward from the 27 to the 19...ergo - slider. Can anyone give me the profile of setting up the league? I would assume there are a couple of ways to do it...must be fair to all.

Addie above take out the XXs.

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I used to shoot slider at junk shoots. They were 10 bird races. Started on the 18 yd line. If you broke both birds you steeped back 2 yards on the next post. Broke 1 bird, step back one yard and if you missed both birds, you remained at the same yardage.

Care was taken not to get the yardage so separated that an unsafe condition resulted. At times, someone too close had to step back before the next shooter shot.

Pat Ireland
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