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Call the Engraver's guild
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DEM36, I sent you a PM with his phone number, but recommend Charles Schreck in Emporia, Kansas for projects such as that.
You might want to contact Pauline Muerrle, who was an engraver for Winchester. She lives in Connecticutt and has a website -
Paula Biesen-Malicki!! She is in Spokane, Washington andshe is terrific!! Website is
Fred Grundman at Grundman's Sporting Goods,
75 Wildwood Ave, Rio Del, Ca. 96662

Has done flawless work for me in the past.

Bill Myers
Another vote for Brian Rishel. Brian's name isn't heard as much as some of the other engravers, but has turned out some amazing pieces. The kind that every time you look at it, you find something you didn't see before. Brian used to engrave for Briley. Also I've heard good things about Charles Schreck in Kansas. Larry
Noelle Feucht is featured in this month's "Trapshooting USA". Look's like she does some nice work.

Ed Yanchok
Anyone have contact info on Schreck in Kansas?
Yes I'd like contact info on Schreck. Im only 50 miles from Emporia
Noelle has also been featured in Sporting Clays Magazine (Nov 12). She certainly does nice work!

Googled Charles Schreck of Emporia KS and came up with this number, 620-342-5435.
It may be the right guy/number.
I shoot with him occasionally and that is his phone number.
Artistry on Arms, Roland J. Robidoux, 954-383-1342.
Gun Firearm Shotgun Rifle Trigger

Howard Simon did my old squirrel gun for me!! Number is;(815)478-4966 Manhattan, Ill.

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An outstanding engraver and a member of the guild for a number of years is Paul Lindke of Southfork, Colorado. He has done several shotguns and rifles for me and is presently doing a Winchester Model 52 to match the Model 70 he did for me last year. Had a best of show at the gun guild in Reno, Nev. 3 years ago. You won't be disappointed. Can furnish phone number if needed.
Paula Biesen was featured in the Double Gun Journal a few years ago. She did a shotgun for George Bush Sr and it was very nice. The other works featured in that article were impressive as well.
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