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Need a Stock Dulicated

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Hey folks, Ive finnaly finished carving on my model 12 stock and ive go it shooting the way I want it. Unfortunatly its the ugliest thing sitting on the gun rack. Ive considered having it painted but the last stock I had painted chipped and scratched easily. So I want to have my stock duplicated onto a piece of colored laminated birchwood. I need someone that can drill the bolt hole, Inlet the face to the reciever, and rough out the shape and contour of the stock. I can do the final sanding and I have a gentelman that does a really good job of finishing stocks. I dont even want checkering cut into the stock. I will also want the forearm dulpicated as well. Im willing to shell out the cash if the job is done right, But since this will be a fairly rough job i dont expect to pay a whole lot. If you do any work like this or have a duplicator or know of any one that will do this kind of work for a reasonable price, please let me know. Ive attached a few pics so you will have an idea of what you could be getting into. BYG
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That stock looks like its made for a circus freak, it needs an Obama sticker! Just kidding of course, if it works for you then what it looks like isn't relevant.

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