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NASR - Gun Clubs Pay Attention

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What does NASR stand for ?? It is the National Association of Shooting Ranges and it is a part of the National Shooting Sports Foundation(NSSF). The goal of the NASR is "to provide leadership in information,communication and partnerships among ranges,industry and the community. A vast wealth of resources is available from this organization that covers a wide spectrum of topics, such as guidance on environmental issues; how to foster good community relations;guidelines for creating successful, state of the art facilities ... and much more".

I mention this because a very important meeting was held this past week in Boston,MA that included the Board of the NASR; representatives from NSSA-NSCA-ATA- USA Shooting and a variety of "for profit" Range owners and "not for profit" range owners; NSSF; plus the NRA and interested parties. The purpose of this three day meeting was to explore ways to try to help gun clubs and ranges. This group as well as others, realizes the importance of the gun club - it is the "grassroots" to develop new shooters. Never has the role of the local shooting range been so important as now. The role of this group looked at all the various factors from political and environmental to the role industry plays or can play. We looked at ways things that need to be developed to help the ranges plus as a "unified" group, we investigated ways to better communicate amongst one another and make sure our ranges and gun clubs know what is available out there in the way of programs; literature and money grants. It is totally amazing how many resources are out there already to help, but communication to the ranges has been poor and non-existent.

For one of the first times in my 40 year plus shooting career, many of our organizations like NRA- NSSA-NSCA-ATA-PITA and USA Shooting totally understand the real importance of ranges and more importantly have pledged "together to communicate and cooperate" with one another to see that this info and assistance gets out to the ranges plus develop programs to help the individual ranges and gun clubs.

All this will NOT happen overnight, but it is important that "ALL OF US" in the Shooting Sports get behind this movement that is under the NASR and other organizations. How can we all help?? Get more familiar with the NSSF - NRA and NASR. Check out what they do and offer to your ranges. Get your ranges involved with these organizations, if they aren't already. Begin thinking of more ways we can get people to try shooting - eg; NSSF "First Shots" or STEP OUTSIDE programs. Go to NASR and NRA to get examples of successful ranges - see how they were successful. Utilize the programs already in place to better your club or range. Take a friend out shooting in 2009.

The local shooting range is our "lifeline" and we all need to work to keep it that way. Whether it be environmental issues or community one's, the materials are out there to help your club. The key is to be "PROACTIVE"- be aware of your community and plan ahead. Don't wait until the night before a meeting of the local Town Council that is investigating shutting your facility down because of noise;environmental or community issues - know this ahead of time and investigate your options plus what help and assistance you can get from ALL these organizations - HELP is out there !!

I've rambled on a bit about this but, this is a key component ALL of us as shooters; industry and ranges need to be aware of and support. AS I speak for Industry, rest assured that we will be taking a bigger role to try to develop new things and get all of you to realize just how important your local range is. I see groups like NASR and the others really committed to future Strategic Shooting Range Planning - numerous action groups were developed and their role will be to come up with plans and ideas to help the ranges. THe NSSF has a Shooting Summit scheduled in June,2009 in Florida and I'm sure many of these ideas and programs will not only be discussed but implemented.

I will endeavor to keep those interested up to date on this forum. Should any of you wish to participate in some way, please let me know. Folks,it cannot be just the actions of a few to be successful - communication and cooperation are keys here.I think all of you need to commend your individual shooting governing bodies for realizing this need for action and their willingness to cooperate amongst one another - our members working "together" will make a statement to those that oppose our shooting sports.

I wish all of you a very safe and joyous holiday season and ask that each and everyone of you that frequents this and other sites, to join me and your shooting organizations in 2009 to work to make your local gun club or shooting range better and in the process strengthen our shooting sports.

Phil Murray
Member of NASR Board
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