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My Spolar LED Light System

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Just posting this cause some members have asked about the light that I did for my Spolar unit. One set up transfers easily to other Die Sets or double side tape one light to each Die Set and plug and play, cause they are relatively cheap. Regards ES
Barrel connector to screw terminal - CPS-F2ST
AC Adaptor - CPS-12V-12W

Halo Lights -You might need 70 or 80mm. I used 70mm. If too small - the keyway can be ground down a bit on the die set. If it is too large - small tie wraps work as shim material. Some sellers are kind enough to give the inside measurement, and that really helps. The whole deal should be about $25.oo. (File off the little tabs on the back side)

You would be surprised how loose it can fit and never come down (cause that's how smoooooth a Spolar runs !). You could also go with the 80mm or even 90mm and glue a small magnets to it.

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