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mx3 question

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I have a Perazzi mx3 trap combo. it has an adjustable soft comb adjustable buttplate and new wood. would it in increase or decrease the value of the gun if i sent the o/u barrels to be choked by briley? what is the the value of the gun with and without choke tubes?
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What length are the barrels, and what chokes?
the o/u barrels are 32 in. and the top single is 34in.
the top single has four perazzi factory tubes #3 5 7 and 9
the chokes i would get for the o/u barrels would be the briley thinwall extended ported chokes
Evan. The Brileys will make the gun more usere friendly for other target sports. But the uptick in value might not be much if any. On the other hand I think you wuold see a few more buyers if you chose to sell.

It iwll not decrease the guns value.

I too have an MX-3 combo and the single barrel has Briley choke tubes which work great. My O/U barrel set has fixed chokes IM and Extra Full. I'm gonna leave the fixed chokes alone just because I don't think my scores would change significantly with choke tubes. I'm not planning on selling it anyway so I don't care about resale value but I don't think it matters either way.

I'm going to go agains tthe previous posters and say to leave your gun alone. The MX-3 has many fine traits and a cult of followers. If you are going to sell the gun, I think it will bring more money in the unaltered state. Unaltered MX-3 guns bring a nice price.

Some shooters will prefer Briley, some will prefer Wilkinson, but in the unaltered state, the buyer can install whatever he wants. Maximum flexibility for the buyer and you are not out any cash.

If you are going to keep and shoot the gun, install whatever chokes you feel confident in.

Feel free to PM me for more info.

Don Rackley
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