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MX-8 Top Single vs TM9 ?

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What are the pros and cons comparing the SBT Perazzi TM9 and the MX-8 with a top single barrel ?

Considering a fixed-rib, fixed-choke, adjustable-comb gun with a stock "fit" by the factory.

Would be using it for Singles and Handicap. Not interested in Doubles.

Would appreciate thoughts from those of y'all who have shot both.

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Art. There is likely a touch of fertical POI difference, but not enough to worry about. The most significant difference is th ebbl weight. TM9 weigh less than a MX8. The other difference is that the newre stocks appear to be more ergonomic. In othr words, you can compare NEW and deem them to be the same, but the newer TM9 stock is a lot friendlier than th eolder MX8 stocks.

Owned them for a cup of coffee. Shot my unsingles better.
In your case they both will serve you well except the MX-8 will have a better resale value even it's a top single only.

IMO, I really failed to see the reason for TM9's existence at it's price.
TM9.....very over priced TM1. With an MX 8 top single you can always add an O/U and turn it into a combo. This should be a no-brainer.

What Steve W said also.
If you can find a good TM1 special...tapered rib...Giacomo's can supply a custom stock.....and do a complete rebuild...

At the Spring Grand, the Perazzi folks "fitted" me for a stock.

They had a stock which was close in dimensions to the one "fitted" for me which they put on a demo TM9 and offered to let me shoot it in the next tournament event.

Without shooting a pattern or even a practice target... with my first shot with the demo gun being in the next registered event... I shot my best score coming in only one target below the category winner.

With that in mind...

I already have a TM1 that a Perazzi gunsmith said was in excellent condition and with which I have shot 25 Straights, but its stock feels nothing like the one on the demo TM9.

Will the Perazzi people "fit" a new stock to my old TM1 ?

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There are people that prefer the single barrel Perazzis (TM series) because of the lighter barrels, as well as the more compact receiver. Because the receiver is designed only to accomodate the single barrel, you need only open it enough to eject the shell from that barrel. On the MX8, you have to open the gun enough to eject and cock the bottom barrel too. The rationale is that you expend less energy opening the TM's over the course of a shoot. Just one more tidbit..
The bottom barrel will stay cocked until you release the hammer.
You are right, but the opening/cocking action happens at the fully open position and to both hammers at the same time.
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