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MX-3 Combo for Sale in North Carolina

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Perazzi MX-3 Combo with 34/32 barrels

All s/n's match
Adjustable Comb
Top single barrel is fixed choke(light full)
O/U barrels have Wright's screw in chokes comes with SK-2 ,IC,M and IM.
Trigger is internally selectable, not common for MX-3
Gun was just serviced by Doug Braker. New locking block and all springs replaced.
Price is $4500.00
Marty Hill will have gun at the 2013 Dogwood Shoot at Bostic,NC April 25 - 28.
Any Questions ? You may call Tommy Collins at 910-303-5937

If gun doesn't sell this weekend I'll post some pictures next week.

Take Care and Shoot Well,

Marty Hill