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mosssbserg silver reserve

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Im new to the sport though, ive been shooting for years..... I can get a new mossberg silver reserve for $960..... it has a great recoil pad, 32 in. barrels, extended choke tubes, a mid bead and an adjustable comb. Is this worth the money? It seems to have everything I want at a reasonable price. I heard that the firing pin issues were resolved a few years ago... does anyone have knowledge of these? Are they worth it? Will it last 100 rounds a week ?Thanks
Andrew costanzo
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I wouldn't pay half that much for a Mossberg Silver Reserve. Sounds like someone tried to put lipstick on a pig. Mark
Don't Do It... Buy a Bt99 or Anything But That..
I am a 4-H leader for the trap program. and have had 2 kids show up with these guns and neither one went over 400 rounds without breaking something. Seems like both had firing pin troubles that wasnt worth a proper fix. I dont know if the problems were solved or not, but I believe I would pass until I could see a few in use for a while. I'd take that $960 and shop for a used Citori. Good luck.
I agree with the others. That gun is not a good investment. It will become a very expensive "canoe paddle". For that kind of money, (or close to it), you can find a used Citori, SKB, Miroku, etc. and will have a reliable gun. The BT-99 is another fine choice, but you are relegated to only 16 yard and handicap trap. Good luck . Ed
Another vote for just walk away. Spend a few more bucks and get a Browning Citori in one of the various configurations. (the XT is what you will want for trap). If you buy a decent used gun you will be able to get most if not all your money back if and when you want to resell it.
Not knowing aything about this game 2 years ago I bought my son one biggest mistake ever patterns everywhere, kicks like a mule and the notorious firing pin issue I sold it bought him a Beretta 686 for 1400 and he is happy happy happy. Stay away from the silver reserve
Another vote for stay away!!..I talked my brother out of one and found him a gently used older Charles Daly and besides being darn pretty shoots like a dream for him..all for the pricely sum of $650..its fixed chokes but he thought he might have tubes installed but found using homemade spreader shells get him through his occasional round of sporting...and this gun is already 40yrs old and will last him at least that much longer until its time to pass off to his grandson...get a nice used Browning, C Daly, Miroku, Win 101, SKB, ..lots of much better pieces out there...Oh and the Remington Peerless's were not bad either and can be had on the cheap too!
If you're smart, you'll taqke the advice given here.

A used Browning BT-99 or a Remington 1100 Trap will be a far better choice, and in the same price range.
No, buy a BT99. If you must have a O/U get CZ it's a better gun
Run away at any price - when they 1st came out, my brother-in-law, who has an FFL, bought 3 of them. One for him, his son, and one for me. We did a lot of pheasant hunting back then and I wanted to use it for that and sporting clays. His broke, his sons broke, and mine had a very nasty habit of not always going "bang" when it was supposed to. I tried to trade it in and the dealer laughed at me. Sold it at a gun show for next to nothing - the buyer knew they had problems but was OK with it.

I would not want a Silver Reserve after what I have seen of them. IMHO you have been given some great advice here.
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