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The New York Times Publishes Another Flawed Prediction on Climate

Op-ed says hurricane drought will end at some point, and man-made climate change is to blame either way.

The New York Times ran an op-ed today by Adam Sobel, an “atmospheric scientist at Columbia.” The gist of Sobel’s article: Since 2005, the United States has been experiencing a hurricane “drought” (I.e. no major hurricane has made landfall in the time. We are currently at 3918 days, over a decade.) But don’t worry, Sobel says, there will be more hurricanes soon, and the fact that they will be coming is proof of man-made climate change.

Yes, that’s what he’s saying.

The question is whether Sobel is writing the op-ed to buck himself up, and the rest of the alarmist crowd. After all, the computer models that have predicted warming have also predicted more hurricanes. But real-life observations continue to diverge from what computer models have predicted.

It’s somewhat baffling that the New York Times would publish such an essentially meaningless opinion. But the mainstream media has long since thrown in its lot with the alarmist crowd.
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