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More great stock work

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I know there are threads on this but everyone like to hear this. My 11yr old son and I just got back from getting his stock done from Greg Hissem. This is the third time I have made the 350 mile trip to see Greg and would do it again anytime. I have had a RAD II put on a BT-99 a RAD II and ADJ comb on an XT and now a Hart ADJ LOP and ADJ comb on an 1100 classic (All for my kids). I have never seen anything that comes close to his work. Everything is done with detail and care. When he is done and he takes time to talk to the kids it is something to see how they react to what he tells them and shows them in his fitting session. I know Greg works with a lot of kids and adults but when he does work on a kids gun and then you send him a note or an email to let him know how they are doing I know that really makes his day. I would like to say if you ever need stock work or get a chance to meet this man don't pass it up. Thanks Greg for your time and all you have done for me and my boys the last 3 years.

Corey Snell