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I have been doing some horse trading and have a few extra chokes I won't use any more.

Some of them are new, most are used. All have been inspected and have not been dropped, thrown (LOL) or otherwise. Threads are undamaged, but may have thick grease in them.

Krieghoff Factory Titanium Extended. 0 (SK), 2 (MOD), 2+ (LIM), 3, (IM), 4 (F), 5 (SF)

Remchokes. SK, IC, MOD, XF (not Remington)

Blaser. These are 3 Briley Plasma and one Briley Spectrum. They are compatible with the standard Rem Choke (.728"-.730") barrel. The Target barrel and Pro Bore are not compatible. The constriction will be way off on the Target barrel, and the Pro Bore is different. Diffusion, LM, MOD, F. The Diffusion choke has a large fringe, but a surprisingly tight core. I have broken targets past 35 yards with this choke, and at the same time, it is a terror on close in Rabbits.

$600 shipped to the Lower 48. $50 extra for AK and HI. Only sold as a set. If there are chokes you don't need, sell them here.
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