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Missouri Turn in or Confiscate Gun Bill.

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Missouri is trying to pass a bill that says you have to turn in your guns or the police will come knocking on your door and will take your guns. he state will not buy them but take them if you don't give them to them. BY law you can't take them over the state line and store them or give them or sell them to some one either. In other words you will loose your gun by state law. Watch the video.
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Try this one. Its up and running.
i live in missouri. i own a ar 15. the chance of this bill even getting introduced is slim. the state rep that is in control of new bills being introduced already stated that it wont even get on the floor of the house. the liberals that are pushing this live in the st louis area. they are just dreaming that it will get passed. wake up alice this isnt wonderland ITS missouri. there are more republicans here that will raise more hell then you could ever dream of.
Might work in the cities. Lawabiders turn in guns, criminals keep theirs. Like to see that happpen in the small towns I've visited in MO. In Billings I think the confiscator would turn in to the newest tree decoration
I have talked to both of my State legislators and they assured me this bill has about as good a chance as a snowball in hell.

Jim in Mo.
Typical liberal dirt bags! Probably no chance of passing but the fact some commie socialist pukes would introduce it is troublesome!
No chance of passing. I have written almost daily and Clair is about the only one that would vote for it. Not enough juice to pass.
I'm not in Missouri, and have no dog in this particular fight. That said, we've been seeing these "no chance to pass" offerings from radical left-wing legislators lately in a number of states. Always the same comments: "don't worry...that has no chance", "won't even come to a vote", etc.
Personally, I'd prefer to see every one of them come to a vote. FORCE every legislator to go on the record. Let's have the debate. I suspect the more moderate Democrat legislators will eventually tell their left-wing colleagues to STFU and stop embarrassing them.
btw: I'm old enough to remember when gay marriage was referred to as too far out, "has no chance to pass".
A lot of those bills will be voted on just to peese the anti gun people also it will try to help the politiations win their next election when the bills are not passed it's a game the of goverment elected people do ,it's like a union trying to get more money but you have to give up a sick day
Can we give them just the lower receiver? Maybe our rifles are "under repair".

Bob Falfa
It is sad to even have this conversation but its what every one of us has let AMERICA become.
FYI, another Missouri legislator introduced a bill that would make it a crime to introduce a bill like the one the first legislator introduced. His reasoning was that he felt that if something that ridiculous can be introduced, he would also counter it with a like kind bill.
Missouri is about as pro-gun a state as you can get -----
I think they need to try this in skidmore first. They are known up there for dealing with bullies. LOL
From another thread:

Do I dare ask, do you think it is your guns or more of your children?

Banning guns will save children's lives then not banning guns will cost children's lives????????? Is that the ultimatum or a supposition?

More guns will save more lives, imho.
Dont just sit back and assume it will die...fight it anyway...write letters, protest...whatever you can do, DO IT!! These crazy (to us) sounding bills keep coming up again time after time and gather a little more steam with each roll of the dice..they are hoping we either sit back and pay them no attention and get complacent or lose interest and tire from battling it repeatedly...fight back and fight back harder and harder with every attempt til the lib dipshits say uncle
I totally agree with CalvinMD.....don't assume anything because when you turn your back......WHAMOOO...somebody slips something through! I am in NY so trust me when I tell you it CAN happen to you! Fight it all the way & support the NRA in any way you can!
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