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Trimming down my 20 ga. O/U's. This is a good one! An early to mid-70's BC Miroku 20 ga. O/U with 28 inch barrels. With the exception of some light handling marks on the wood and a little blue wear near the safety, this gun is near new and shot minimally. Look at the standing breech. This gun is not marked Charles Daly, but it is the same gun in all respects. These guns went on the become the Browning Citori's, which are one of the most durable, price friendly guns ever made. I shoot them extensively here and in South America. They never wear out! This fine little 20 bore is trim and points very well. It is unaltered in any respect. The barrels are choked .007 and .016. I'd call them IC & MOD. The barrel markings, if like Browning, indicate mod and imp. mod. There is no evidence that the chokes in the gun are not factory original. Bores and mechanics are perfect. No disappointments with this gun. The engraving is very nice and the pistol grip stock is fitted with a long tang. This will make a superb field gun or a fun clays gun. It has 3 inch chambers, in case that interests you. I don't think you can buy a better gun anywhere for $895 delivered.
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