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Minnesota High School Trapshooting

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I just saw this and thought it worthy of sharing.

Minnesota State High School League approves state championship:
The Minnesota State High School League, at their Board of Directors meeting on
December 6, 2012, approved a presenting partner state tournament with the
Minnesota State High School Clay Target League for June in 2014.

Trapshooting will be recognized as a sport like all other high school sports,
thus making Minnesota the first state in the USA to hold a high school
sanctioned state tournament.

“Since the Minnesota State High School League’s inception in 2001, the league
has worked closely with the Minnesota State High School League.By modeling our
policies and procedures with that of the MSHSL we have mirrored their
organization.” said Jim Sable, founder and executive director of the MSHSCTL.
“This fulfills a goal that began 12 years ago when we had just three high
schools and about 30 athletes.”


I thought I would add this:

Since 2008, the League has doubled in athlete participation each year. Last year, 1,500 participants represented 57 teams and 100 schools.

For 2013, the League is expecting to double in size again with more than 3,000 participants. With more than 40 new teams that have already joined and most existing teams expecting to add members to their teams, the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League expects to continue its reign as Minnesota’s fastest growing high school sport.
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Congrats What a accomplishment! Hats off! GL
my son was part of this, what a great experience! minneapolis gun club did a great job hosting the state meet until it got to big...color guard raising the flag in the morning was really cool. he played in some pretty big hockey games, but he said the state meet was more fun and emotional. his trophy from the state shoot is the only one still in his room, the hockey ones are in a box somewhere. we still play hockey together and shoot together, so i guess i win all around.
Seems like a no-brainer... The growth that is... Until you try and find space and time for all these kids to shoot. Then you realize that increasing the participants is potentially a growing pain that cannot be accommodated.
My son lives in Northfield (a very liberal college town) and a friend asked him if the would like to go to a meeting about organization of a trap shooting team for high school. They were expecting about 10 people but there were about 100 there and the High School Athletic Director was also there. They though maybe starting with a club team to start.

My son is a youth hockey coach and both my grand kids (14 and 16) play hockey, he has shot some trap and the grand kids are excited. I guess I'm excited also.
The Minnesota Friends of the NRA in fall of 2012 approved over $52,000.00 of shotgun shells for 20 Minnesota Youth league and High School Trap Teams in 2013.

Of this total,$30,725.00 (Shells) went to 10 High School Trap Teams that shoot in the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League.

So, by supporting the Friends of the NRA, large amounts of grants or Dollars
$$ of shells go for the youth in the State of Minnesota.

Over $130,000.00 of grants were awarded to 50 shooting clubs or organizations in the State of Minnesota for 2013.

Lew D. Boyko
Where is the carry over to ATA SCTP or AIM or 4H. As a coach in this league and the father of the 2 time state champ the leagues growth is good. However in their presentation to the group in Northfueld no other trapshooting was mentioned. The MTA has donated over 15000 dollars to the MSHCTL but gets no mention or promotion in their presentation .

This is great for the gun clubs for a 10 week period but more promotion of other venues needs to go along with to grow the sport.

Dave Warweg

Your comments about our Minnesota Youth as a growing pain that cannot be accommodated is the BIGGEST PAIN of all. This growing pain of youth will
be the ones shooting ATA trap in the next 5,10 and 20 years.

Lew D. Boyko (Birddog)
Pain or plan. Find the space.
Wow to many shooters.

That sounds like a good problem to have.

A tip of the hat to all the coaches and vounteers who have stepped up and made this happen.

Shawn McNeil
Dave you are correct. The program is good for MN. and for youth shooters. You are also correct when you say that no mention is made to shooters about registered or other venues of shooting for youth exists. In fact it is avoided like the plague. High School Coach's, Minnesota Clay Target League and some gun clubs make no attempt to promote other shoots.
The sad part is that many, many kids are turned down, in some cases hundreds per school or put on a waiting list with hundreds more. No one says "Hey! Have you heard about the Aim Program and how you can shoot at your local Club and compete for local, state and National Trophies" or that there are chain shoots or open club shooting every weekend. Or given a shoot schedule!
Minnesota has 5 - 9 days periods that kids can shoot Aim targets at a local club and compete against other kids in direct competition, unlike the high school program. Check out or sites for dates and times.
Minnesota clubs are shrinking while the shooting base is exploding. We will start to hit road blocks and we must all work together for the good of our sport and our ways of life. If you want to get involved contact me!

Mark Stevens
MN. Aim Director/ ATA alternate delagate
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Congrats to Minnesota.

In, ..Used to be conservative,...Now LIBERAL Ohio that would be most impossible.

My son tried some years ago and was told...Do anything you want as long as it has nothing to do with the school or its grounds.

Others have tried with the same results.

Too bad. Could be what could re-vitalize trapshooting's future.

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Tahnks Mark. For adding the practical facts to the thread. Lot of logistics to fly targets in front of the numbers of kids that want to shoot and the coaches that think the clubs should accommodate what ever number that they sign up.

Wow, if 40 years is a generation, we are starting to get back a little of what we have lost!!!

Pre-liberalism taking over the government schools, most all University's HAD shooting teams!!

And they didn't shoot 22LR and shotguns, Lots of High Power!!

The 4H shooting program here in WA state is run through, WSU of all places!!

I think it is has something to do with, a concept called EDUCATION!! Shooting IS a MIND and Body learning curve!!!

If your mind isn't "on target" you WILL miss your target!!
Mark and Jack,
We are already at the full to capacity at MGC and have a hand full of coaches that figure the more the better and take all comers. MGC has asked the teams there to limit the students to 55 which is a manageable number for the time they allow us to USE THIIER FACiLITY.! I don't understand how you can give the kids the instruction they need to develop good shooting skills and since there is a fall league those that don't make the spring team can shoot the fall league,

At our team meeting I gave presentation on the other venues available. As we all know shooting 50 targets a week for 10 weeks is not going to be enough to improve. I hope that I get 10 to 15 students out of my 50 to shoot through the summer and explore the other venues available to us.

The Arkansas Game and Fish, Education Division started a program in 2006 called AYSSP or, Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program.

This program started with the hope of having a few coaches and maybe 200 students. In a few months, the numbers were so large the G&F had to cut off registration. 125 coaches and 900 students.

The next four years showed phenominal growth so that in 2011 there were over 600 coaches and 5200 students. Many of the students have gone on to shoot at and win at Sparta as well as at one time had have of the total development shooters for USA Shooting. We currently have one of our own on the US Olympic team. As of last year, 2012, the director told me personally we had graduated 17,000 students and not a single accident.....many of these students were struggling in school but the opportunity to shoot caused them to apply themselves even harder so they could make the grades necessary to compete. I personally have had three parents come to me to tell me this program was responsible for keeping their students in school and learning. Personally, that right there makes the coaching, money, time etc all worth it.

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You hit the nail on the head. Kids don't have to be athletic to shoot, only safe and have good hand eye co-ordination. The shy, the meek, the quiet shooters seem to excell in shooting programs and for the first time in perhaps their entire life, they feel net worth and a sense of acoplishment. This in directly translated back to the class room. The become more outspoken, more involved and the grades prove it! The Aim and High School programs for shooters is worth it's weight in gold, just for the improvement in youth involvement. Sally and I and the entire Shooting community are excited for the future, applaud all those coach's, students and gun clubs with the vision to help see this endeavor through. It is hard work, it does have long hours, it is dirty and it is SO WORTH IT!

Please help support any shooting, and especially our young shooters and our future. Mentor, donate, coach, help coach, or just keep score. Just get involved. The rewards are not in the acolades which there are, but in the looks on the kids faces, that one moment when everything takes hold! I cherish everyday I can coach a kid or adult to become a better shooter. Please, get involved.

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Primedust the student that comes to my mind first is a learning disabled student that had never held a firearm of anykind in his life. I will have to be honest and tell you he was unsafe when we first took him on, but with patience and kindness we finally made him understand safe firearm handling. I remember the first time he hit a bird! The grin on his face will never leave my mind. When he shot his first regional, he was squadded by himself and that only because we just didn't have any extra shooters to fill out the squad. He ask the range officer if I could come stand by him while he shot because he literally was so scared he was shaking.

He broke his high score that day with a whopping 5! That was the best 5 I ever saw shot! That was the biggest grin I have ever seen from him. This past season, he was up around a 22 average! All that makes it worth it.

Mike and Mark ,
Your both spot on !! The most enjoyable moments are seeing the kids grow and the looks they give you when they finallly break a bird or beat there personal best, or break their first 25. Not everyone will be an all American or on a national team member but hopefully each one will take away the value of good sportsmanship and respect of others and continue to pass it on .
Mark, Dave, I think one of the difficulties we run into is that once the weather turns nice and people open the lake homes, it's hard to get the kids to stay in town on the weekends, especially after fishing opener. The other difficulty is that shooting registered targets requires joining the ATA and we can't require that kids join an organization in order to participate. For the past couple of years we've been trying to get some of our shooters to shoot some of the ATA and youth programs in addition to the high school league by simply informing them of the opportunities and noting the benefits of shooting at more targets. This year, we're doing something different. We've put two of the youth shoots in our regular shooting calendar. They have to be optional, but we're hoping that by adding them to the calendar and informing the parents that the MTA, in the past, has picked up the first year ATA dues, it'll help. We're also structuring our program a little differently. We're asking the kids to pick their squads and name their squads. Each week, we'll track, announce, and reward the squads and individuals that have the best performance and the most improvement, while demonstrating how this contributes to the overall improvement and success of the team. Which, because this is a competitive high school league, ultimately is the goal. We're hoping to build camaraderie and the sense of team/squad (and a little positive peer pressure) and by doing so, hoping the kids will be more likely to want to shoot every opportunity they can and that would include registered targets.

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