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Minneapolis Gun Club ATA Shoot May 21st & 22nd

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Looking at the MTA shoot calendar there are a few marathons this weekend so I thought I'd throw an EVENT shoot in the mix.

On Friday May 21st MGC will be offering marathon targets from noon until 4 PM. Singles, Handicap and Doubles as long as we have at least 3 participants for each venue.

On Saturday MGC will be offering 100 16yd. targets and TWO 100 target Handicap events. Start time will be 10 AM.
There will be 5 ATA classes for the singles and 3 yardage groups for the handicap. The Handicap will be separate events, not a combined score like we do for our Handicap Championship.
There will be cash prizes for each Singles classes and for each Handicap yardage group.

You can go to for location and phone number. The program is listed on the MTA website.

The weather looks decant and summer like. So, c'mon out, enjoy the days and bust some MGC clays.

Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen
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Ahhh, Smoooth, the Perkins Pie Tins are on backorder. COVID ya know. And as far as those 60 yard stakes....with the loads you cook up those would be an EASY target.

Nope, 43 mph targets and White Flyer Orange Dome Pitch Targets. So you might want to back down those shells you bring along.

Jimmy Bowen
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