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the song keeps playing in my head... "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood"...

Would that be from Mr Rogers or Aaron Rodgers?

Regardless, it was a sweet respite. This from Jimmy Bowen, cub reporter

Wow, what a day.....47 degrees and plenty of sunshine on the 28th of December!!!!! Light winds, from the south no less, and plenty of good scores. Congratulations to Pat Blake and Scott Prafke for turning in 49's today. Pat ran the Singles and Scott ran the Handicap, a bunch of 48's & 47's that didn't make the cut, and it went from there. We did have some scores called in from the SW MGC, Tucson, and Cheryl ran the 50, Tom Sletta had a 49 and Jerry trailed with a 48. Those shooters will have to be at the North MGC on Wednesday to validate those scores and be entered in the Lewis Class payouts. Nice shooting Cheryl.Lucky Lomker wasn't present but Lucky Linden and Lucky Lalor sure were. John Bacon hit the Jackpot too. Nice shooting guy's. We even had some celebrity's, Larry, Moe and Curly make a surprise appearance. Check the Mpls & MTA websites for a picture. Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class....Pat Blake 49.....Scott Prafke 49

2nd Class....Glenn Linden 46.....Glenn Again 46

3rd Class....John Bacon 43.....Dave Friesen 43

4th Class....Scott Steffen 42.....Bob Wiltse 42

5th Class....Bob Lalor 40.....Bob Again 40

6th Class....John Bacon 38.....Peter Falk III

Ties + Singles from the front then Singles from the back then Handicap from the front.

Has anybody seen Dennis Kecker?????? What the heck happened to him?????

We will be throwing Jackpot targets this Wednesday, January 1st. It might be a little cold, if you believe the weather forecasters, but we'll be open. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen
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