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Mich. 4 day Memorial WE Team shoot on Sunday

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Plan on attending one of the Premier Memorial week-end shoots in the country. Mason, MI home of the MTA will host this shoot on 5/24 thru 5/27. The five man team event will be held on Sun. the 26th. Bring your team or just come and get on a team or just come and shoot the whole week-end with us.

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Mason has been going downhill for quite a while now, a lot of people won't go back there because they way the shoots are run. The team shoot participation is nothing like it used to be, and has gotten way to expensive for a 100 bird shoot.
Son, I have probably shot at mason more than you. I have watched it go downhill for the last five years. The shoots are poorly run now the trap help and scorers are Terrible and not trained properly . The team shoot numbers are down yet it takes forever for scores to be posted. And $40 dollars for a 100 bird shoot is rediculas price.
Don, you always say on here that people should do something or they are the problem, yet we never hear about you doing anything but bitching about what people say. It is a fact that the numbers for the team shoots have gone down considerably. That parking lot and campground used to be full, and if shooters got there at 7 in the morning there was already a long line to get classified, and the team event wouldn't be done until 4 pm. now the shoot is done around 1 pm and they are calling for handicap. Several years ago they tried having shooters pay a lesser fee, and asked them to help with scoring and houses either before or after they shot. My father and I did this and we were in the minority, since the rest of the shooters couldn't be bothered to help out, but they didn't ask to pay full price either. My home club is also the home club for Dave Price, and Dick Magnus. We have done more to help trapshooting than you would dream of doing. So until you come up with something more constructive that "your the problem not the solution" you are the problem.

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Don you are so full of shit. Tell me one thing that you have ever done that would be considered constructive. I guess this would be the reason that all of the shooters I know can't stand your ass!

I did not make the comment about the parking lot kolarshooter did, but if you think that you won't get stuck in the east parking lot by the clubhouse when it rains, you must not have ever had to park there when it rains.

And if you and your buddy's want to know who I am, I will post my full name at the end of this and have no problem doing so. I suggest you do the same!

Dan Mohler
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