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MIA...Zero Precision Gold New Trigger...F/S

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2 Precision Gold MX PULL/PULL triggers. One older, one newer. Both Perazzi spring systems. Taut hammer springs. New triggers. $1100 shipped either. Bottom first. Right hand trigger has sold

Jack. PM or Email.

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Come on Jack. You know we gotta see pictures to window browse, kick the tires etc.
Looks better now
trigger on right has been sold
i'm confused ! your fog index is off the scale ! thread references new triggers - older one- newer one - new triggers. what are you really selling ???
Just the left trigger now.
The one on the left will be sold or off the market this afternoon.
Help me with who Gene is..
Thanks. He has the afternoon to contact me.
I'll buy the last trigger. E-mail me at; [email protected] Tommy Kushima
Shaka. I was not kidding. I figured if I kept the trigger around it would help me move a valuable Perazzi down the road. But you are smarter than me and the trigger is yours.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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