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Melting down reclaim.

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Is it possible to melt down reclaim shot into ingots? I haven't started anything yet, but we are planning on having our club mined. Wondering if I should invest in a smelter and a dropper. Can't find any lead wheel weights here in Washington.

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Brady, I'm on my 5th barrel of reclaimed shot so far this winter, for me the trick is not getting it to hot when melting it, when it is mostly melted I use a paint mixer to get as much of the corrision off of it, then I let it set for 15 to 20 minutes while it is hot, once you get all of the dirt off of it, I take a small amount of pariffin wax and mix it into the melted lead, this will bring up more dirt to the top, theni laddle the lead into muffin tins

At some point reclaimed is going to be reclaimed, reclaimed, reclaimed, etc. It is then going to have to be redropped to be reused. Going to be ridiculous but required.
Why wouldnt it be?????????

Drop the crap in the smelter and treat it like anything else. Clear the crap off the top and re-drop it. Then you will have good shot.
We have one miner in our area that redrops the shot that he mines from the clubs. That is his source of lead. Another miner cleans and graphites the mined shot and sells it as reclaim. I shoot reclaim shot. If you are remelting it yourself, how much is your time worth, compared to just cleaning and regraphiting it? Mark
re claim runs through the black max by jim stewart the best...mark
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