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Mec reloading stuff for sale --all sold thanks---

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have the following items. One of the guys passed and I'm helping his widow sell the stuff off.

EZ Pak one each 12,20,28,410. new price 19.40 SELL FOR 10 Dollars each++shipping

reloader cover new price 28.00 ALMOST NEW 20 DOLLARS INCLUDING SHIPPING

Universal brand adjustable charge bar for mec progressive 20 dollars ++ postage

MEC Powder bushings LIST 5.31 buy them for 2.50 each plus postage HAVE A BUNCH

Shot and powder bottles list 13.40 each 6 dollars each plus postage

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I'll take the MEC cover $20. How much shipped to 96790?

motordoc, i will take the 12 gauge EZ PAC, shot and powder bottle, and a #28 powder bushing. milt luther 518-608-4243 e-mail [email protected]
Motordoc, I will take the 20 & 410 ez pac & a #24 bushing if available

Please PM me with payment instructions Thank You Leo
What Mec Bushings do you have? I need 28,29,30,31, and duplicates of each.
If you have them ,Will you take a check and who and where to send it ? Thanks Butch H
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