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MEC Charge Bars - Anybody Know What these are?

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Good morning

I ran across a couple of charge bars that are NOT bored for powder bushings and I can not find any information on them on the MEC website.

One is for a progressive and one is for a single stage.

Progressive - 12 GA. 12 500

Single Stage - 12 GA. OH

See pictures below. Anybody have any idea. If not, I guess I will throw the progressive one in my 9000 and weigh the results. I don't have a single stage loader.



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Are you saying they're not bored for the powder"insert"?.....Or they're not bored at all?
Not bored for powder bushings to be inserted. In other words, they powder drop is fixed on these bars.
Link to the old charge bar powder chart. Lists the OH
It's what MEC used before bushings. I have a box full of them. Used them in this old MEC 400 Super Speeder.

They should still work in just about any MEC loader.
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I have seveal of the old bars and I had a person ream them out in a shop to insert the powder bushings. I had to use the old charts to find out which shot load they used.
That old OH bar will throw more grains of the new powder. It will drop about 19 grains 700X vs. the 17.5 it was designed for. Newer powders are cleaner and more dense. I've got a 0 bar that drops about 21 grains of Red Dot.

I guess there is no reason a guy couln't still use them. You still have to follow up with a good scale to find out what you are really getting.Jeff
A friend came across some of these a while back and took them and a bushing to a machinist friend and had them bored to accept the bushings. Just another thought.

Bill Myers
I really have no use for them. I will ship them to anyone that wants them for the cost of the postage.
I think that these were used prior to the use of plastic wads, when we used .135 nitro cards, appropriate filler wads, and a lot more powder.

Ed Yanchok
Thanks RLC323 I have one of these bars also. I will give it a try but check it with a scale .
MEC sold bars for many years before they finally came out with the powder bushings. As mentioned above, they can be drilled out. I have a couple I've drilled out to accept Lyman powder and shot bushings. I've rarely used them after the MEC bushings became available.

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