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MCF&G (Indy) Thursday Night Trap

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Marion County Fish & Game ( ) is open for Trap Every Thursday Evening, All Year. Including Holidays if they happen to fall on a Thursday. We Have Two Trap Fields. We shoot in daylight and under the lights 5:30 - 10 PM. The official start time listed on the club website is 6 PM but we have actually been getting started before 5:30 most Thursdays. Practice for beginner & expert alike. If there is enough interest we also will run a 50 Bird program or Piece & Protect. Gas Heated/Air Conditioned Clubhouse with a cozy fireplace and plenty of seating.

Trap at MCF&G is open to the public. Members and Non-members pay $4 per round (25 targets). Non-members pay a one-time per evening charge of $2 regardless of how many rounds you shoot.

Kids under 18 Shoot Free.

FREE Pitch-in dinner: Coming right after work? No problem, we always have something great to eat and the best part is it is absolutely FREE. Our members and a few regulars bring in a wide variety of foods and deserts to share with all. Plus we always have a fresh pot of free Hot Coffee.
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Six years ago I showed up at Marion county fish and game with an old rusted Remington 1100 magnum that would not eject a 23/4 shell, and very little understanding of what it takes to be a good trap shooter. I was welcome from the first day, made friends who have been instrumental in my progress as a trap shooter, and enjoyed the many other shooting disciplines offered at the club.

Give us a try, make some new friends and, if necessary, learn the basics from some very good shooters.

Ted Sosin
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