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Many people are fans of the MX3, me included. The wonderful rib design with no sideribs made these guns very responsive.

Here is a great example of a MX3CL that has had a 34" single added to it. The fit of the gun is very nice and it has nicely figured Wenig wood on it.

But the best part is both monoblocks are stamped C. C. Seitz, so Tom did his barrel magic on these barrels and ported them. Some people may not know but Tom Seitz was the barrelsmith until his untimely passing. He also designed the Seitz gun and built about 45 of them. The Bowen and the Silver Seitz guns were later introduced after Tom's death.

The gun comes in a John Hall case and your choice of a Perazzi Internal Sector Pull/Pull trigger or an externally selective Perazzi trigger with Allem double release.

The gun has been reblued and I have done a mechanical refresh on it.

Barrel specs
Top Single - Bore = 0.739", choke = 0.034"
O/U Under - Bore = 0.730", choke = 0.017"
O/U Top - Bore = 0.730", choke = 0.022"

Lop = 14.7"
Drop at Comb = 1.4" (Comb all down)
Drop at heel = 3.1"
RH Toe out = 1"
RH Palm swell - medium size

Gun is Sold

The gun will be in Sparta on August 3 thru the 15th.

MX3 Left.jpg MX3 monoblocks.jpg MX3 Right.jpg MX3 Wenig RH.jpg MX3 LH All.jpg

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Very Nice offering. I hope this is the one that went to a newly transplanted Texas family. If so, they did real good.
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