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Maxtrap takes Nebr. storm to AZ

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Maxtrap left yesterday, arrived in Tucson & they had snow! Someone needs to put a "kick me" sticker on his back.
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Stumpi, I talked to Ed and we both agree. No más pastel para ti.

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Hay this is lets pick on Ed thread. Lets stay on topic. Stan
I plan to call Jim G. on his return and ask how things went, how was the weather, etc.
Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck...
Cold & windy today in AZ, he comes back to Nebraska tonight & snow is forecast- I rest my case!
Was shooting at Ashland yesterday, no wind 85 degrees. Maxtrap shows up at 12:30, the clouds roll in, it rains & lightnings, stays cloudy, a very hot brisk wind comes up from the East & raises temps to 95.
Looks to be directly over TT&SC :)

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after the storm is nice though

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Hope he gets the hell out of AZ before the end of October.

jim brown
Hope he gets out before another flood of Biblical proportions - Mesa got THREE INCHES of rain yesterday, I got 2 1/2" in the NW valley, and it's fixin' to start again!!

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