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Marlin ain't any fish

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Have you tried a different scope?
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If it's 4" high at 100 yds. and you are out of adjustment, pot a shim under the front mount probably .030" would cure the problem.
Use the Burris Posalign rings, and rotate the inserts. The link is provided.

Adjust the scope to half way above the center of it's travel and try a +/- .020 insert in each ring, and rotate the rear one to the minus position.
(I think I got that right) You can get .040 of correction without a special base that way.

These rings are Excellent for 1,000 yard shooters, and inserts are cheaper than tapered bases.

The bottom of the page gives you all the info you need.

Let us know how it goes.

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wouldn't a 40MOA mount shoot 8" high at 100 yards? Why don't you get a 0 MOA mount? do you have a decent scope?
I came to the conclusion long ago that Marlin should not make bolt action rifles for the same reason that Remington should not make lever action guns!

I suspect that the barrel is not bored straight or possibly the stock may be putting too much upward pressure on it?

Why do you want it 4" high at 100 yds?
At 100 yards, the 20 MOA base will give you an added 20" of vertical adjustment in your scope, the key is to be near the center or low in the adjustments for the base to really work at longer distances. No offense, a 223 doesn't have enough range for a 40 MOA base. Those bases are for the exotic super magnums that are pushing 1500 yards +.
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